What Is A Spinner Ring? - A Complete Guide

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What Is A Spinner Ring? - A Complete Guide

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What Is A Spinner Ring? - A Complete Guide

Spinner rings are new to the jewelry world, exquisite pieces that you can spin to help discretely ward off anxiety and stress. These elegant, stylish rings are associated with spirituality.    

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Read on to find out more about spinner rings.    

What is a Spinner Ring? 

A spinner ring has an inner band locked in place. The other ring spins freely, so you can fidget without drawing attention to yourself. Also called a meditation spinner ring or a motion ring. these rings are said to originate in ancient Tibetan meditations.

Two band rings combine to form a spinner ring with free and easy motion. The smaller ring spins on the base band ring with the finger as an axis. Spinner rings are made from various metals and have multiple textures, such as gold spinner rings and diamond spinner rings. In recent years, inscriptions with names and verses have found popular appeal, and you can also choose to do this.

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What is a spinner ring used for?   

The spinner ring revolves around fidgeting. If youre anxious, you may deal with such feelings by fidgeting. The rings are meant to offer you a discrete outlet for anxiety. If you’re anxious, you can spin your moving ring. At the same time practice some deep breathing, so you calm down and relax.  

How do spinner rings work? 

Find a quiet and comfortable place to spin your motion ring. Imagine happy times, chant positive affirmations, and spin your ring to clear your head of negative thoughts. You can, of course, use your ring at any time or place, but it always helps to find a quiet place to spend some time each day. 

Why do people like spinner rings? 

People like spinner rings because the spinning motion is comforting. The ring distracts them from fidgeting and helps them to reduce anxiety.

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Benefits of spinner rings

 You don’t need to follow a spiritual path to enjoy spinner rings. The rings work on the simple principle of turning objects. Imagine staring at a rotating ceiling fan or spinning two metal balls. It’s very calming. That’s how spinner rings work, bringing peace to your troubled mind. Here are some of the benefits of spinner rings     

Find the association

Decide what it is you want to get from your spinner ring. You can associate your rings with chants and affirmations like “I am getting better and better each day”, or “I am intelligent and focused” or anything else for that matter. Some people picture special moments in their lives.  Repeat the affirmations while spinning the rings, and take deep and slow breaths. After a while, you should be completely relaxed.     

Get rid of the anxiety 

Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or finding ways to relax, spin the ring when you’re stressed.  Spinning the ring has a natural calming effect.  

How to find the correct spinner ring for you?  

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Can I wear my spinner ring all the time? 

Of course, you can wear it all the time. But it is advisable to take it off when doing activities like gardening, cooking, swimming, or showering to maintain its charm. Constantly spinning it can make it wear down over time. So, take a break from spinning it constantly the whole day.   

How Effective Are Spinner Rings?

There is a reason behind why these are also called meditation rings they help keep you calm. Hence, they are truly effective in freeing you from stress.   

How do I care for my spinner ring? 

Take it off and store it in a safe place when not using it. Take breaks from spinning it if you have the habit of constantly spinning it. Using a mild soap and water solution is helpful to clean the ring. Or you can also get a jewelry cleaner to clean the same. Steer clear of using harsh chemicals and abrasives on it.

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