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In the realm of diamond shopping, the task of locating an ideal gem at a reasonable cost can often prove to be an overwhelming endeavor. Recognizing this challenge, our team of knowledgeable experts has taken it upon themselves to alleviate the burden, meticulously assembling a compilation of esteemed online brands that provide exquisite diamonds without causing financial strain. Delve into the provided links below, and unearth the most advantageous bargains on 2 carat diamond rings.

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How do we save you so much money on a 2 ct engagement ring?

We have analyzed a tremendous amount of diamond data and consulted with experts in the field. Here are the major trends that lead to the cheapest 2 ct diamond engagement ring without sacrificing any noticable quality.

Here are the 3 major factors that save you money.

  • $9,170 Cash Savings

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  • $49,870 Cash Savings

  • $3,730 Cash Savings 


$9,170 cheaper with these tips

Save Over $9,000 Today by Purchasing Your 2-Carat Diamond Ring Online

In the realm of diamond shopping, online platforms like Blue Nile and James Allen have gained recognition for providing considerably lower prices, often up to 40% less, compared to their conventional counterparts.

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$49,870 cheaper with these tips

The Price of a 2 Carat Diamond Ring is Significantly Influenced by the Clarity Grade of the Diamond.

What is Clarity?

To lower the total cost of your ring, you can save up to an undisclosed amount by choosing a diamond with clarity ranging from VS2 to SI1. This selection guarantees exceptional quality while still staying within your budget.

Our Recommendations

  • To minimize expenses without sacrificing quality, opt for a diamond in the clarity range of VS2-SI1, potentially saving you a substantial $49870.

  • VS2 diamonds offer an optimal combination of clarity and price, making them a desirable choice for many buyers. Achieving the ideal balance between these two factors is indeed attainable when selecting VS2 diamonds.

  • SI1 diamonds, in many cases, exhibit a near-perfect appearance and are often more reasonably priced compared to VS2 diamonds.

  •  FL
  •  VS1
  •  VS2
  •  SI1

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Don't Buy

FL - Diamond

Cost: $64,053

This diamond is completely flawless, without any imperfections, but considering its price, it seems a little too expensive.

Savings: You could save $46,656 - $53,605 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Sometimes Buy

VS1 - Diamond

Cost: $17,769

If you come across an amazing deal on a VS1 diamond, that's really great. However, the upcoming clarity grades are known to offer the best combination of affordability and value.

Savings: You could save $372 - $7,321 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Cost: $17,397

Total Savings: $372 - $40,833

This diamond clarity is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. The majority of these diamonds are flawless to the naked eye, meaning you won't be able to spot any imperfections in them.

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Sometimes Buy

SI1 - Diamond

Cost: $14,187

Total Savings: $3,582 - $44,043

You won't find a better choice for diamond clarity at this price. But remember, not all SI1 diamonds are the same. Some may not meet your expectations, but many of them are absolutely stunning and could easily be mistaken for a VS2.

$3,730 cheaper with these tips

We save you up to $3,730 by choosing the right diamond color.

What is Color?

A diamond's color grade is determined by the degree of yellow tint it possesses, and those with a whiter, more transparent appearance are considered more valuable.

Our Recommendations

  • Choosing a diamond within the G-H color range allows you to enjoy significant savings of up to $3730 without compromising on noticeable quality.

  • If you want a halo or three stone diamond ring setting. Do not buy a center diamond rated I or J. You will notice the yellow tint in the center stone due to the smaller diamonds relative color. 

  • D-F
  • G
  • H
  • I

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Sometimes Buy

D-F - Color

Cost: $17,024

This diamond is colorless, meaning it has no hints of yellow, you can find these at a good price, but it is not as common.

Savings: You could save $2,884 - $3,733 with a G or H colored diamond

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G - Color

Cost: $14,140

These are near-colorless with only slight traces of color, making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd really have to look closely to notice any color

Savings: You could save $848 with an H colored diamond

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H - Color

Cost: $13,292

Total Savings: $848 - $3,733

These are near-colorless with only slightly more noticable hint of color, further making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd need to have a trained eye to see the color flaw in this one without having a colorless diamond next to it.

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Sometimes Buy

I - Color

Cost: $12,494

Total Savings: $1,646 - $4,530

These begin to have a bit more noticable hint of color especially when next to colorless diamonds. These still have unnoticable color if placed on a solitaire ring, but we do not recommend these on a halo ring.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are Cheaper and Bigger. 

Opting for a lab-grown diamond presents an opportunity to obtain a diamond ring at a significantly reduced cost, or alternatively, to acquire a larger center diamond without incurring additional expenses. A thorough examination of the price comparison will elucidate this advantage.

Natural Diamond


Lab Grown


7.5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond


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Why buy a 2 carat diamond ring with our partners?

Our long-standing partners in the diamond industry have committed themselves to providing customers with top-notch diamond engagement rings at the most affordable prices, accompanied by exceptional customer service. Purchasing a 2 carat diamond ring from any of them ensures significant savings and a highly satisfactory buying experience.


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Create Your Own 2 ct engagement ring

during the design process, you have access to reputable companies that specialize in custom diamond rings. These companies, including Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and Blue Nile, offer a wide range of options and expertise to help you create a unique and personalized 2ct engagement ring. Not only does designing a custom ring allow you to tailor it to the recipient's style and individuality, but it also provides a more cost-effective alternative to buying from a conventional jewelry store.

Consult with an Engagement Ring Specialist

If you need further assistance in understanding your 2-carrat diamond ring, turn to the trailblazers of the industry. Just click the button below, and we will help you choose the most appropriate setting for your virtual appointment.

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How much is a 2ct engagement ring worth?

A 2-carrat diamond ring is worth an average price of $13,800, with a price range of $4,350 to $58,230.

How big is a 2-carat ring?

A 2-carat ring has a diameter of 8.1mm. This size can be visually compared to a 1.5 carat diamond ring, which would be slightly smaller at 7.6mm in diameter. On the other hand, a 2.5 carat diamond ring would be slightly larger with a diameter of 8.6mm.

What does a 2 carat diamond ring look like like on a hand?

A 2-carat diamond engagement ring appears as a round-cut diamond with a width of 8.15mm. It occupies approximately 48.2% or nearly half of the finger's width.

What is the price of a 2-carrat diamond ring?

The price of a 2ct diamond ring ranges from $4,350 to $58,230.

Is a 2 ct diamond engagement ring good enough?

Yes, a 2 carat diamond ring can be considered good enough, especially if it is well-cut, has excellent clarity, and has been expertly crafted into its ring and setting.

Is a 2 carat diamond ring big?

Yes, a 2ct engagement ring is considered big. The average carat weight for a diamond engagement ring is about 1.2 carats, so a 2 carat diamond is larger than average. It will definitely catch people's attention and make a statement on your finger. However, it is not excessively large and can still be comfortably worn.

What does a 2 carat diamond ring weigh?

A 2-carrat diamond ring weighs 0.4 grams.

Should I get a 2 ct diamond engagement ring?

A 2 ct diamond engagement ring is a popular choice because of its balance between size and affordability.

Is a 2 carat diamond ring too big?

A 2ct engagement ring is considered a good size and is not considered too big.

Is a 2 ct diamond engagement ring small?

A 2ct engagement ring is not considered small. The size of the diamond can vary depending on the finger it is worn on. Additionally, certain settings like a halo setting can create the illusion of a larger diamond by incorporating smaller diamonds around it.