Gold Vermeil Vs Gold-Plated Vs Gold Filled: Which is Better?

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Gold Vermeil Vs Gold-Plated Vs Gold Filled: Which is Better?

Gold Vermeil Vs Gold-Plated Vs Gold Filled: Which is Better?

For as long as people have been around jewelry has formed an essential part of elegant dress. Today, there is an endless assortment of jewelry in distinctive designs, materials, forms, motifs, and shades. Despite the range of choices, gold remains the classic, luxurious preference for memorable jewelry pieces.

There is nothing quite like that shimmering golden metal, alone or as a foundation for lustrous precious stones. Apart from its exquisite and opulence, gold also makes the most versatile jewelry pieces. Although almost every piece of gold jewelry has a similar appearance, each is distinctive in its own right. Still, if you plan to add a new piece of gold jewelry to your collection, you should know and appreciate gold jewelry variations. 

The three most popular categories of gold jewelry include vermeil, gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry. Although used synonymously, the three are quite different. So, let’s get acquainted.

What is Gold Vermeil?

Fabricated from a base of sterling silver and topped with electroplated gold, gold vermeil is durable and should last for generations. An electric current binds the two metals, silver and gold, together. Gold vermeil contains 10-18 karats of gold. 

One of the most significant differences between gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry is that gold-plating may fade, tarnishe, or wear off with time while this is less likely with gold vermeil. old vermeil has a thick layer of gold of at least 2.5 microns. The gold must be 10k or more.   

Is gold vermeil better than gold-plated jewelry? The answer is a certain affirmative. Following solid gold, gold vermeil is the highest quality affordable option available on the market today.

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What is Gold-Plating?

Now that we are acquainted with gold vermeil let’s discuss gold plating. 

If you’re after affordability then gold-plated jewelry is for you. Gold-plated jewelry often has, as its base, a cheaper metal like copper or brass. The process usually involves immersing the low-end metal into a chemical solution and electroplating it with a gold layer. When it comes to durability, base metal, and gold thickness, vermeil and gold plating have significant differences

What Is Gold Filled Jewelry?

The creation of gold-filled jewelry involves mechanically bonding solid gold with other inexpensive metals. A distinct feature of gold-filled jewelry is that it is thicker and more durable than gold plated jewelry. You really can’t tell the difference between real gold and gold-filled jewelry.  

Difference between Gold Vermeil, Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled:

There are three major differences between the gold categories: 

• Vermeil jewelry is made from high-end metals, including gold and silver. Vermeil gold has a thick layer of gold and can last a lifetime depending on the quality and karats. Vermeil is less likely to tarnish and is suitable for all skin types because it is hypoallergenic.  

• Gold-plated jewelry is mostly low in quality but you’re buying good-looking jewelry at pocket-friendly rates. It has less expensive base metals like copper and brass, which explains the low price and tarnish potential. If you have sensitive skin, gold plated jewelry may cause skin irritation. 

•Gold-filled jewelry uses inexpensive base metals; mostly brass. One of the major differences between gold vermeil and gold filled jewelry is that gold vermeil is electroplated and gold filled jewelry is processed using a combination of pressure and heat bonding. Gold filled jewelry is an affordable alternative to gold, and is not prone to tarnishing or discoloration.  

Which Type of Jewelry Should I Choose?

In the end, the type of jewelry you choose is a matter of preference. If you prefer frequent style switches, gold-plated jewelry may suit you. Gold vermeil is your best bet if you want to preserve and use your jewelry for years. Gold jewelry adds lustre and style to any outfit, so choose the best gold jewelry you can afford and dress for success. And take a look at the wide range of jewelry options Dolphin Galleries offer. You will definitely find what you are looking for.


Is Gold Vermeil Real Gold?

Yes! Gold vermeil consists of a silver base is topped with 10 or more karats of real gold.

How long will Gold Vermeil last?

If well looked after, gold vermeil will last for decades.

Which is better Gold-Plated or Vermeil?

Gold vermeil is always the better option since it is of superior quality and is hypoallergenic. In the end it is your preference that matters most.

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