8 Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings that You'll Love

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8 Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings that You'll Love

8 Beautiful Flower Engagement Rings that You'll Love

If you are looking for an engagement ring that is feminine, elegant, timeless, and slightly different from traditional rings, consider buying a flower engagement ring! Read on to discover your options.

Flower engagement rings are ideal for women who love the unique and romantic touch these jewelry pieces offer. There are so many floral engagement rings to choose from you’re bound to find one that suits your style. Moreover, each flower carries its own symbolism. A daisy, for instance, symbolizes purity and innocence. While plumeria is a symbol of beauty and health.

Blooming petal motifs, gently curving lines, and delicate leaves - floral wedding rings truly capture the beauty of nature.

8 Flower Engagement Rings To Choose From

Floral engagement rings come in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. No matter what you wear on your engagement or wedding day, these elegant flower engagement rings will match your outfit. Furthermore, if you’re battling to choose, consider the meaning of each flower and find the flower that best suits your personality.

Here are 8 trending flower engagement rings that 21st-century women just love.  


The hibiscus flower is often considered a good luck flower. It also symbolizes love and passion. What better way to express your love for your partner than with a hibiscus engagement ring!  

The hibiscus has a delicate structure that is very appealing, making it an ideal engagement ring choice.

Hibiscus rings


The gorgeous dahlia flower stands for elegance, love, and involvement. Gifting a dahlia flower ring is a perfect way to express your love! The dahlia flower has been used in various ceremonies over the centuries.

The most popular dahlia flower engagement ring settings are the classic solitaire ring or prong settings. Most rings have extra sparkles due to multiple dazzling diamonds used to imitate the flower petals.


The rose, as we all know, is the official symbol of love worldwide. So, we must consider the rose in the list of floral engagement rings. A blooming rose will wither with time, but an engagement ring with a rose inscribed over it won’t! You can preserve this symbol of love for a lifetime.

Available in numerous shades, each of the colors carries its own meaning. For example, a red rose symbolizes romance, love, and beauty, while a white rose represents youth, purity, and innocence. So, you can choose a tint based on its purpose. A rose engagement ring with a ruby as the center stone will look perfect on your finger

The ancient Roman and Greek brides were gifted a garland of lilies to wear in their hair on their wedding days. This signified the promise of a pure, loving, and fruitful life. Ever since lilies have become a symbol of femininity. Lily jewelry represents passion, purity, royalty, and rebirth. Every woman adores lilies, making lilies one of the best options for floral engagement rings.


‘Beauty everywhere’ - that is what a lotus symbolizes. Just one glance fills us with peace. The beauty and grace of the lotus make it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Plumeria Rings 

Plumeria is the iconic flower of Hawaii. It symbolizes love, new beginnings, spring, and birth. Hawaiian women are often seen with these flowers tucked behind their ears. The plumeria flower is also used in many Hawaiian traditions like welcoming tourists and guests. This flower has a distinct and timeless design, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. It perfectly reflects the idea that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If you want an engagement ring that is simple yet beautiful, plumeria rings are for you.  

The plumeria flower is a positive and hopeful symbol. It’s a meaningful gift when inscribed on a jewelry piece. Besides engagement rings, the plumeria-themed design also looks great on pendants and earrings. The feminine delicacy of this floral engagement ring is unmatched.

Plumeria Rings


For eons, exotic orchids have been associated with love, elegance, and fertility throughout various cultures. Using orchid floral designs in engagement rings offers a perfect blend of minimalism and beauty. The purple tone of orchids is often considered a sign of respect as it symbolizes admiration and royalty. Choose a purple gemstone like a purple diamond, purple sapphire, or amethyst for your unique engagement ring. 

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom, or Sakuna as it is known in Japan, is an official flower of spring. It represents the fleeting nature of life and a time of renewal. Every spring, when the soft pink petals of this flower blossom, nature’s beauty shines across Japan. People in Japan unite and celebrate the onset of spring with cherry blossoms blooming across the country. Hence, this flower reminds us of the love we have for our partners, the feeling of togetherness, and the preciousness of our relations. This is why cherry blossom engagement rings are so special. 

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Choosing the right engagement ring that you can cherish forever is a big decision. You need something that not only looks unique but that is meaningful. Flower engagement rings perfectly fulfill these requirements. Their beauty, intricate designs, and symbolism add to your special day and even your bond. Diamond rings have become so common that choosing something antique like floral engagement rings will surely make you stand out. Luckily, you have many options to choose from.

flower rings

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