Best Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Metals

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Best Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Metals

Best Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Metals

If you think choosing the right diamond color, carat, and cut is tough, check your facts! Choosing the best metal for your rings is as difficult as finding the perfect gemstone. Not all wedding ring metals are equal, and each has characteristics that could make a difference.  

There are several factors to consider when choosing metals for your wedding or engagement rings. You may choose the metal for styling reasons, tradition or simple preference. When it comes to wedding ring metals, there are also many options. These include white rose gold, yellow in different karats, and precious metals like platinum and palladium. You will also find a wide range of wedding bands in alternative metals, such as tungsten carbide and titanium.  

Picking the best metal can be difficult when you have so many options. So, how to find the ideal metal for you or your partner?  

In this blog, we will help you with tips on choosing the right metal ring for engagements or weddings. Let’s get started.  

What Metal Should I Choose For My Wedding Ring?

 When it comes to choosing a specific metal for your wedding ring, take into account your needs and priorities. Are you looking for something that is durable? Do you prefer looks to durability? And what about the budget?

Different metals used for engagement and wedding rings vary enormously when it comes to durability. While some metals are delicate, soft and easy to scratch, others are durable, hard and damage-resistant.

In appearance, some wedding ring metals have a warm look that complements certain skin tones. While others look cooler, suiting a different range of skin tones.   

There are some couples who want a wedding ring to match their engagement ring. If your partner already has an engagement ring with a platinum band, you’d want to ensure your wedding band is made from the same metal.  

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of your choice is the budget. Just like gemstones, there is a significant difference in metal prices. So, you can choose ring metals that offer better value for money if you have a limited budget for your wedding bands.  

Before making the final decision, you should be clear about what you need and if you can afford it. You should also consider which wedding ring metal best suits you and your partner’s skin tones.  

Best Metals for Wedding Rings:

Now that you have some idea about how to choose the best wedding ring metal let’s learn about some of the popular wedding ring metals for easy decision making.  


A precious silvery-white metal that is very durable and forever lasting. Platinum has a long tradition as a metal of choice for wedding and engagement rings.

platinum ring

Because of its density and rarity, platinum is one of the most expensive metals. While it may be an extravagant choice your platinum wedding ring won’t need much fixing or polishing in the future. A platinum ring is also known to secure the diamond fitted in it. Hence, a lot of people prefer buying platinum.  


  • Dense and the heaviest metal of all 
  • Most durable  
  • Best for people with an active lifestyle  
  • Color never fades 
  • Lasts the longest 
  • Hypoallergenic    


Expensive (Slightly more than 18 karat gold) 


White gold is made by mixing pure gold with white metals, such as silver and palladium. So, white gold is not 100% gold. Despite its white color, white gold will turn yellow over time.To prevent your white ring from turning yellow, you can  have it rhodium plated (or "dipped") every few years.  

platinum ring

So, if you have an active lifestyle or are into a profession, like nursing where you have to use your hands, you shouldn’t buy a white gold wedding ring. If you do, you will have to rhodium plate the ring every few years to keep it looking white and new. 


  • Looks beautiful  
  • A wide range of rings in white gold 
  • Less expensive than platinum   


  • Less durable and a softer metal  
  • Will yellow over time


Yellow gold is a classic wedding ring metal and the most popular choice for wedding rings. It’s important to consider the “karats” (quality standard for Gold) when you buy a yellow gold wedding ring. Carats measures the weight of a gemstone while a karat is a measure of the gold’s purity.    

Pure gold is too soft for use in jewelry. So, it is mixed with alloy metals, such as copper or zinc before it is crafted into jewelry. Karat is a standard to measure the gold proportion that is used in the jewelry, expressed as parts of 24. For instance, if you buy an 18K yellow gold ring, it is actually 18/24 or 75% pure gold. 


  • Yellow color stays true over time  
  • Classic choice for wedding rings    


  • Less durable than platinum  
  • Gets thinner over time


Sterling silver is one of the oldest and most affordable metals used in making jewelry. Silver was once considered more valuable than gold. Pure silver, just like pure gold, is too soft to use on its own. So, it is mixed with copper or other metals to create sterling silver, which is a more durable alternative. This blend gives the metal a white moon-like hue, making it one of the most popular choices for couples seeking a luxe look at an affordable price.

sterlin silver Ring

Since it is one of the softer metals, silver is easily scratched. Sterling silver rings demand additional upkeep. The jewelry must be stored in a cool, dry place or in tarnish-preventive bags.  


  • Affordable  
  • A wide range of beautiful ring choices 


  • A lot of upkeep 
  • Easily damaged and scratched 


 A hard and durable silver-gray metal. Titanium is the hardest metal on earth. Three times the strength of steel, titanium is also much stronger than gold, silver and platinum. It is very light because of its low density.  

Titanium is scratch-resistant, so, you can wear a titanium wedding ring daily and in the ocean or a pool without worrying. Despite its durability and lightweight, titanium is seldom used for making jewerly. This is because the metal is hard to work with, it isn’t a traditional jewelry metal like gold or platinum. Titaium is more widely used as an industrial metal. 


  • A trendy choice 
  • Affordable   


  • Not a traditional wedding ring metal 
  • A less popular option, so it’s hard to repair or resize 

The Takeaway: 

Some other wedding ring metals include palladium, tungsten, rose gold, tantalum, and cobalt. There is no truth in the theory that wedding rings are made only with precious metals, such as gold and Silver. Well, the truth is there are alternative options. So, if you don’t want a traditional gold band, choose what’s best for your budget and style. 

You can find a variety of wedding rings ranging in price from $25 to $50,000 and above, depending on the metal, weight, and design. But it’s not the price that determines the value of the ring, it’s the meaning behind it. 

If you’re looking for designer wedding or engagement rings, head to Dolphin Galleries. We are one of the best online jewelry stores today. Explore our gorgeous wedding ring collection and add to your cart what draws you the most. If you need assistance in making a decision, get in touch with our experts.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Platinum Better Than Gold?

This depends on your budget and preference. Platinum is a rarer metal, and rings made from this metal have higher densities and purities than gold rings. It takes more platinum to make a ring, so platinum rings are 40-50% pricier than gold rings. 

What are the three best alternatives to gold wedding rings? 

If not gold wedding rings, you can opt for platinum rings, titanium rings, or sterling silver rings. 

Do sterling silver rings demand high upkeep? 

Yes, if you are planning to buy sterling silver for your wedding, you will have to take extra care. This metal is easily scratched and damaged. 

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Owner of Dolphin Galleries, Art & Jewelry Expert.

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