Sculptures. Eye candy. Cool art to brag about. Here are 7 unique sculptures worthy of a crowd, a conversation, possibly even an expletive…


“Frog Prince”

Tim Cotterill "Frogman" - The Frog Price

Like a fairytale frozen in time, Frog Prince delivers the nostalgic anticipation of finding true love in the most unexpected moments. It’s whimsical. It’s charming. And it won’t pee on your hand when you pick it up. Created by famous “Frogman” Tim Cotterill, whose energetic sense of wonder is a recurrent theme in sculptures like this.


“Octopus Table"

Chris Barela - Octopus Table

It’s a sculpture. It’s a table. Anyone who dares to be cool enough to have this in their home is going to make friends. Inspired by marine life, the Octopus Table is functional art, much like the Octopus’ ability to multi-task, so can this table. Cue a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, artisanal Gouda or Havarti cheese and good company. (FYI, it does not come with the glass top.)


“Circle of Life”

Tolla Inbar - The Cirlce of Life

Interdependence, human connection, spiritual reflection- these themes are encompassed in Tolla Inbar’s sculptures. The simplicity and beauty of her art are entrancing and calming as in Inbar’s “Circle of Life” sculpture. It’s minimalistic and balanced, free from distraction. Truly, an invitation to philosophy.


“Holding On”

Tolla Inbar - Holding On

Another Tolla Inbar sculpture, “Holding On” represents two beings as one, striving together to accomplish. Open to interpretation in its unique and minimalist appeal, the rope perhaps symbolizes strength and unity between two people. Another perspective could offer a division, a push and pull for control within the human spirit. Good versus evil. Weak versus strong. Old versus new. Ultimately, the interpretation is yours. That’s what makes this art profound.


“Phillipe Jr”

Nano Lopez - Phillipe Jr

Detailed, colorful, whimsical Phillipe Jr- a friendly camel with a lifetime of experiences and stories from his journeys. In this sculpture, Nano Lopez captures the playfulness of a young camel, transporting goat’s milk and veggies, while trying to, well….stay sober. Perhaps the milk is really wine. Just a hump…er….hunch. Lopez masterfully enlightens his sculptures with details of a childlike treasure hunt- items collected along the way. His vision of “science and folklore” make the beholder want to cozy up and listen to the stories told by these fascinating “Nanimals” as they’re called.


“Large Timmothy”

Nano Lopez - Timmothy

Timmothy the Rhino and his Meerkat buddies are at it again! Adventurous and environmentally conscious, these spirited friends tell the story of collecting old tires to deliver to a friend. The vibrant color schemes and detail in this Nano Lopez sculpture invites wonderment and an inquisitive conversation about Timmothy, his journeys and where he’ll go next.


“Three’s Company”

Tim Cotterill "Frogman" - Threes Company

Friends are life! This sculpture jubilantly depicts camaraderie in action! What’s more fun than a dip in the pond, leaping from one lily pad to the next on a Spring afternoon? Boundless and charming, this amphibian trio will bring you back to the aimless days of childhood, catching fireflies and frogs with friends on a Saturday evening. Endearing and masterfully crafted.