Gold or Silver Jewelry: Which One Should You Choose?

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Gold or Silver Jewelry: Which One Should You Choose?

Gold or Silver Jewelry: Which One Should You Choose?

The world of style and fashion is filled with debates that don't seem to settle. One such age-old argument revolves around gold or silver jewelry. The common thread is usually whether you should wear a silver solitaire pendant or flaunt sparkly gold sets. It’s a personal choice but most times, our outfit decides what will look the best.    

Personality, skin tone, and makeup all influence our choices. Gold and silver are perennial favorites. Both have distinctive qualities. Still, the question remains how to know whether gold or silver suits you best?   

So, here’s an article to help you decide whether to go with gold or silver jewelry for the day.


Know Your Skin Tone

If you’re not sure about your skin tone there is a way to check. Hold your arm up against a mirror with your palm facing upwards. Check the skin between your wrist and elbow. If your veins are blue or purple, you have a cooler skin tone. If your veins are greener or yellower, your skin tone is warmer.   

Dark-skinned people may find that this method doesn’t yield the best results. In this case, stand in front of a white background and look into the mirror. Your skin color will be more apparent against a lighter backdrop. You fall into the warmer skin tone category if you notice redder or warmer browns. If those tones are ash and tan your skin has cooler undertones.

Match Your Jewelry to Your Skin Tone   

Always start by assessing your skin tone when you compare to metal. If you have a cooler skin tone, silver jewelry is the answer, whereas gold jewelry looks best with warmer skin tones.  

Match the Jewelry to Your Skin Color

In most cases, your skin color should be the determining factor in choosing between gold or silver jewelry. So, even if you are having a darker skin color but your skin tone is cool, silver jewelry is the better choice.    

Dark skins range from olive to ebony, and either metal will stand out against these tones, thin and fragile silver pieces are an exception, and may not be the best choice. Rather pick chunkier or understated gold jewelry pieces to stand out from the crowd.     

If you’re fair-skinned, steer away from gold. Gold could make you look washed out and pale. Silver jewelry is a far better option.

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Match Your Jewelry to Your Makeup 

Try matching your jewelry with your makeup even if you prefer contrast. If your skin tone is cool and gold jewelry is your go-to style, it’s time to create something bold. Do a warm lip look with bright pink, orange, red, or coral hues to finely complement your choice of jewelry. To complete the look, go for a warm-toned eye shadow to draw in more warmth.      

In contrast, if you prefer silver jewelry despite having a warmer skin tone, create a cool lip with nude, icy, lavender, or lighter, whiter shades of pink. Cool eyeshadow hues in jewel tones will bring out the cooler tone of your skin.

Match Your Jewelry and Outfit

Create the perfect evening look by matching your jewelry and outfit. Outfits in earthy tones, often known as warm-colored robes pair best with gold statement pieces. If you are donning icier tones, silver accessories will ace your game.    

In the end, your final look depends on your own sense of style and personal choice. You can even wear both silver and gold if you know how to style them right. Your look is always about being yourself and being comfortable with what you wear. Your style is the expression of your personality so let it shine through and create magic. Explore the widest range of distinctive jewelry pieces at Dolphin Galleries and wear your style like a pro.

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