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Torito Large | Pre-Release

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Torito Large by Nano Lopez

Torito Large is Nano Lopez's newest pre-cast release, meaning you have the opportunity to reserve yours at a significantly reduced price and be one of the first to receive your very own Iris.

The images you see are the current clay model. Torito Large will contain more detail and have the classical gold coloring that all Nano sculptures possess. 

Torito Large Pre-Cast Limited Low Pricing

By ordering with us you will be able to reserve your own Iris with pre-cast pricing, which will be much less than the full price. 

Torito Large Specs:

Size: 10" x 22.5"


Please note shipping may take as long as 4-6 months as this product is a pre-release, pre-cast piece. You are reserving yours by ordering with us.


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