Denny Wong

14K Yellow GoldHibiscus Pendant With 2 Diamonds

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14K 15mm hibiscus pendant with sand blast finish

Two .02ct diamonds (totaling .04ct)

1 ruby .09ct

The Denny Wong's beautiful yellow gold plumeria slide pendant. inspired by one of Hawaii's most famous flowers, the plumeria, this pendant truly captures the essence of Hawaii. 

  • 14K Yellow Gold 
  • 11mm Plumeria Slide Pendant with sandblast finish
  • 0.02ct diamond
  • Chain not included


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About Denny Wong

Denny Wong the award-winning jewelry designer and artist is best-known for working on an interesting palette of colors. One of the defining features of his works is the incredible attention to the detail and outstanding workmanship. His designs have such an interesting appeal to them that his patrons cannot help but be spellbound by their uniqueness.

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