Ali Sabet

Blue Fire

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Blue Fire - Mixed Media Original by Ali Sabet

Sabet Mixed Media Originals: Ink, Watercolor on 13" x 19" Archival Paper (Frame Not Included)

Giclee print on ultra-premium, acid-free archival art paper

You're placing an order for a Mixed Media Original by Ali Sabet. Each piece is carefully hand-painted and embellished by the artist. 

What is a Sabet Mixed Media Original?

Ali Sabet's process starts with a digital creation of the piece that allows him to finely create the base of the painting. He then takes the digital base and switches to hand painting, which is where his paintings "come alive in both expression, mood and meaning".  He uses paint and ink to add additional layers to his work. After 24 hours of drying, Ali looks over the finished product to ensure it is just right and ready to be sent to his valued customers. 

Each Sabet Mixed Media Original comes with a certificate of authenticity that verifies and accredits the art as a Sabet Mixed Media Original.