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To order a Craig Alan painting know that you are getting a unique piece in the size you specify! There are two different types of each piece you can order and they vary in the way they are painted. So please read the information below to better understand how to get the perfect piece.

There are two types you can order: Original and Mixed Media.


  • You choose the size and then Craig Alan re-creates this painting by scratch in the new size.
  • Your painting has a completely unique collection of tiny characters within it
  • These come on Canvas with free shipping

Mixed Media

  • You choose the size 
  • With a Mixed Media version, Craig Alan will print the exact image you see and then he will paint in all the details of every tiny character in the image.
  • These come on MDF board (approx $99-$249 shipping depending on size)


  • Unframed, ships in a tube unless otherwise noted

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