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About Anne Packard

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Anne Packard is one of the renowned artists in New York. She is the daughter of a leading medical physician, but her strong desire to become a painter takes her to this profession. Her parents soon made her visit a secretarial school. After she completed her studies, she worked for a while in the city and got married. From marriage, she raised five children in New Jersey. However, her passion for painting hasn’t faded and she continues painting until 30 years of age. In 70’s she moved to Provincetown with her children and started her career as a professional painter on pieces of driftwood that she sold to the passing tourists.

Her artwork was carried out on wood panels from wind drift with the Cape Cod Shores. The smaller bookshelf size images inspired her viewers and soon she focused more on her art. She also studied with late Philip Malicoat at Bard College, where an artist Robert Motherwell saw her talent in Packard and purchased 23 paintings made by her for his collection. With practiced disciple and strong knowledge, she moved to the new directions in her career.

In her bayside home, Anne’s studio is one of the largest rooms where she works viewing the harbor and open water beyond. She gets inspired by the changing moods of nature and therefore, her painting evokes the feel of relentlessly driven winter seas and peaceful planes of dunes at rests, welcoming narrow trail winding through bladed dune grasses.

She keeps on restoring her spirit visiting Cape time and again. She spent her childhood and youth by the ocean and later, she raised her children at the same shore. But, as an artist, she expresses her solitude to express her identification freely in this special place.