About Anne Packard

Anne Packard is a contemporary realist painter residing in Provincetown, best known for her atmospheric seascape paintings. Born in Hyde Park, NY in 1933, Anne grew up in a small farming community. Although her family has deep artistic roots she was never encouraged to follow that same path when she was younger, however, she always believed that she was different from others and that she would take the road less traveled.

Anne remembers traveling to the coast as a young girl and getting lost in the dunes near the sea. Her grandfather was the famous romantic impressionist painter Max Bohm. Before the first world war, her grandfather was living in Europe and had established himself as a painter. However, once the war began he packed up his things and moved back to the states. He ended up in Provincetown due to its resemblance to the small European fishing towns that he had grown to love. He is credited with stating the artist colony in the Province town and is a large part of Anne’s love for the area.

Anne did not start her painting career until later in her life. She studied at Bard College, got married and began a family with her husband. Together they had 5 children, but it was far from a perfect marriage. After 18 years her husband left her for younger women and moved to Europe, leaving her solely responsible to take care of her 5 children. However, great hardship often comes great personal growth. In 1977 Anne and her family moved to Provincetown, MA. This had been a lifelong dream of Anne’s and inspired her to take up painting as a creative outlet for her fears.

Upon moving to Provincetown Anne began learning under the late Phil Malicoat. He vastly helped Anne build on her painting skill and Anne began selling her paintings by hanging them from the fence in her front yard. Trying to make a name for herself Anne participated in every open art contest, farmers market, and auction to try to sell her art. Anne relied on the sales of her art to help feed her family and recalls every sale as being a sign that she was improving.

Her art caught the eye of Robert Motherwell, who was a well-known artist in the area. He came by her house and bought all of her paintings multiple days in a row. Anne had no idea who he was at first, but once she learned who he was they met and bonded over their love of art. He inspired her to continue with her painting and helped push her art to new levels.

Eventually, Anne took a large risk and bought a small church building in the town to convert into an art gallery. She had always loved the building and upon stepping foot in it, she knew it was the right decision.

Anne’s paintings are now widely desired by many collectors throughout the world. Her Daughter, Cynthia Packard, followed in her footsteps and is also a well-known painter and owns a studio nearby. Anne says her daughter is able to help push her painting to new levels and overcome her fears. She says her daughter continues to help her painting grow.

Anne's paintings have been featured in a wide array of art exhibits including The Walker Cunningham Gallery, The Gallerie Sono, and the Arden Gallery. She continues to paint and showcase her works at her own gallery: THe Packard Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

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