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About Thomas Arvid

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Born in Detroit in 1964, Thomas Arvid always wanted to be an artist. With this strong desire to be a painter, he left for Atlanta and started learning the art of making oil based paintings.

Because of his passion towards wine and art, he strives to capture life’s pleasure on each canvas he paints. He astounds visitors with his photo-realistic depictions of fine wine and other surrounding rituals.
Arvid, the father of two sons self-taught that wine must be approachable and thus, his paintings become a masterpiece as it illustrates what he meant. He is a role model to many aspiring painters who are looking for an unpretentious charm and elegance in their lifestyle.
In the early 1990s, he painted in a popular Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Atlanta where he tries to complete free wine pieces on the grounds that canvases continued auctioning off his easel.
However, it soon became clear that he was on the way of doing something big. One of his admirers charged him to paint a container of Silver Oak Cabernet, however, demanded Thomas drink the bottle in the first place, opening his palette to the universe of fine wines out of the blue and leaving the young craftsman on what might turn into his one true purpose.

His impeccable artwork was displayed in more than 50 art galleries across the USA, Japan, and Canada. Because of his talent for translating wine art into the canvas, many popular wineries like Diamond Creek Winery, Far Niente, and Silver Oak sellers collect his work. In 2000, he and his better half Venessa owned Thomas Arvid Fine Art Inc., which is among the leading boutique art publishing companies. The company deals with his originals and limited editions throughout the country and across the world.
In 2004, a retroactive of his work was released, ‘’Arvid: Redefining the Modern Still Life,” which follows everything about his poise - from its starting off 10 years prior to the way of life it is now. The book is a fitting account to show one of his most loved expressions, “Life without art is just like dinner without wine. Why bother.?”