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About Teufel Jewelry

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Video shows the spinning motion of Teufel's Jewelry

Norman Teufel is one of the finest jewelry designers of his time. He is the founder and creator of TEUFEL, Inc. One of the defining things about his first creations was the use of steel ball bearings combined with finely crafted jewels. Right from the beginning, these rings became a huge hit. After that he accelerated the manufacturing process in a unit based in Beverly Hills, California. 

In the year 1975, Teufel was awarded with the DeBeers Diamonds International Award. He went on to win 4 more ‘Diamonds Today Awards’ well into 1981.

Norman’s son Cameron Teufel started his apprenticeship program alongside his father at the age of fourteen back in 1970. Cameron played a significant role in jewelry designing process. He ultimately became a designer too. Cameron also engineered the TEUFEL motion rings.
Norman decided to retire from his business in 1991 and that’s when his son took the company into his own hands. Teufel designs continue to remain a family business - an establishment that is about creating fine handcrafted jewels promising finesse and quality.

TEUFEL, Inc, the brainchild of Normal Teufel manufactures motion jewelry and all the rings are made to withstand everyday wear and tear. All the products come with a warranty of five years. All the rings are manufactured within USA at their own facility thus promising authenticity and quality.

This brand name is famous for pioneering the creation of the famous Swinger Rings and has been making them for a good 30 years and still continues to.