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About Steve Gevurtz

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A self-taught sculptor and artist, Steve Gevurtz owns studios in Sandpoint and Spokane. Gevurtz feels that for him success will be attained when his artwork will become commercially viable. 

Before he decided to become an artist, Steve was the CEO of Itronix Corp, a company based out of Spokane which employed over 400 individuals when he left.
Steve has been a sculptor for a relatively short period of time if compared with most contemporary artists. Despite that, he has already been commissioned by Regal 1 LLC, Spokane. He was commissioned to create a $65,000 worth of bronze three-piece shortline display at Regal Pond - a retail complex situated on South Hill.
Steve claims that many of his bronze sculptures have been sold for a value as high as $10,000. The city of Coeur d’Alene also commissioned him to create 8 bronze donor-recognition books.

It’s surprising to learn that Steve was not even a part of the artistic world until 2002. His foray into the world of art happened when he joined the Spokane Art School. Over the period of time, he honed his skills and brushed-up on his sculpting technique.
Mostly newborns and mothers happen to be frequent subjects of Steve’s portraits and creations.