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About Petras Lukosius

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Petras Lukosius is a professional artist/painter. He was born in 1956. Petras has two sons. One was born in 1983 and is an architect in Norway. The second son is Paulius who was born in 1992. 

Petras studied art from Children Art School of Klaipeda from 1970-1971. He then attended Art School of Telsia from 1971 to 1975. Later on he attended Vilnius Art Academy in Klaipedia’ filial from 1975-1979.
Lukosius had started participating in international and national shows from a very young age. Later on, he went on to showcase his works around the globe. Some of his works have been displayed in countries like England, Sweden, Spain, and Germany. In 2004, he showcased his paintings in an exhibition in Chicago. 
Over the years, Lukosius has earned a reputation for being one of the finest artists in the world. In fact, his pieces can be found all around the globe across different countries. One thing that sets him apart from other artists is that his art is easy to distinguish. 
His artwork is a combination of natural phenomena like water, vegetation, and light. He tries to capture the natural wonders like seas and forests through his pieces. Petras also happens to have a PPL (Private Pilot License). While flying on the plane, he draws a lot of inspiration from the natural wonders.