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About Nano Lopez

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Born on October 31, 1955 in Bogota, Colombia - Nano Lopez is a famous artist and sculptor. Lopez came to the terms of his artistic abilities at a young age when he came first in a school drawing content. He was 5 at that time. By the time Nano entered high school, he had started making replicas of the world famous creations by artists like Michelangelo's paintings and sculptures.
Nano continued his studio work and upper division studies from the National University in Bogota School of David Manzur and the Rembrandt Academy. In the year 1978, he visited Spain and started working for Francisco Baron - a sculptor. There he made several sculptures carved out of granite, marble, and steel.

He has substantial amount of experience working with all three materials. It wasn't until he moved to Madrid that he started working on his own creations made out of bronze. He also went on to conduct his first show as an artist. After spending some time in Madrid and having learned a great deal of stuff about the art of sculpting, Lopez then explored France. There he continued his studies and decided to showcase his works more often.

He went to the Superior National School of Beaux Art and continued playing with different kinds of materials for sculpting. That’s when he discovered the versatility of using various kinds of casting media.
All the lessons that he accumulated over the years in Spain and France, Lopez decided to put them to practical use in 1981 when he came back to Bogota and decided to build a studio of his own. Nano moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1983 and started working alongside Manuel Izquierdo who was then head of the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s sculpture department.

One of the most interesting creations by Nano are the ‘nanimals’- a series of animal sculptures that showcase incredible creativity, playfulness, and wonder.