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About Matt Bezak

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Matt Bezak is a contemporary jewelry artist whose some of the most notable works include creating cast glass jewelry. Through his artwork, Matt has tried to capture the beauty of nature. For example, some of the pendants house a horse made of glass while others showcase the magnificence of ocean waves.

His jewels are available in 14K White Gold as well as 14K Yellow Gold. The cut of his jewels is exceptional finished with a keen eye for perfection.

The foundation of his works stems from Dental Laboratory Technologies. From there he transferred those skills into the making of jewelry. Matt has been an instructor for the last 5 years with the Gemologist Institute of America. Over the years, his experience has helped him hone his skills. He has been owner and operator of several shops in California. Currently he is residing in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

Bezak feels that for him, Jewelry is a form of artistic expression. Over the course of his career, he tried out and experimented with all kinds of techniques that further aided him with designing process. To that end, he tried his hands in granulation, glass beadmaking, platinum fabrication, fine-cast glass and crystal, glassblowing, and much more.

His methods of designing a jewelry is anything but conventional that stretch way beyond the ordinary. As an artist, his focus is on beauty, function, and form.