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About Craig Alan

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Craig Alan is the first renowned artist who is known for his creative drives through crayon on the walls of his home. He was born in San Bernardino, CA in 1971. He was brought up in the Atlanta Area. By the age of 7, his visual interpretation became beyond doubt. He started with excellence in an introductory drawing class in his school and since then, he continues to develop both conceptual and technical skills while planning to continue with the formal art education.

Craig was known for creating reimagined versions of iconic works by Piet Mondrian, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and others. He went to join the University of Mobile in Alabama where he learned Fine Arts and set design.

On weekends Craig often drove to New Orleans and worked as a street portraitist to make money. He learned to frame art when he was working in a small frame shop and later his co-workers gave him a direction to move to Deljou in Atlanta. Before aligning with his passion for painting, he was hired and stayed in Atlanta for 4 years and then he joined the team of other artists in an art studio.

From the haunting to graphics realism and abstract expressionism, each of his art pieces is a reflection of his unique and creative vision. He gained vast recognition for his famous series that drew inspiration from a balcony viewing Orange Beach where people are enjoying a wedding event.