About Craig Alan

Craig Alan was born in San Bernardino, California in 1971. At a young age, his family relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana, a city rich with culture and art. Craig was drawn to art at a young age. His first creations being Crayola art exhibits on the walls of his parents Louisiana home. It was clear early on that Craig had an artistic gift and had the capacity for deeply detailed visual interpretation.

Craig continued to follow his passion for drawing through his schooling. In secondary school, he excelled in his drawing classes, which compelled him to pursue a formal art education. Upon graduating High School, Craig was accepted to the University of Mobile in Alabama, but it wasn’t until his sophomore year while taking a pottery class that he developed a deep desire to learn.

In Order to pay for school and art supplies, Alan would travel to New Orleans on weekends to sell portraits to passersby, where he would charge $15 for charcoal and $30 for watercolor. While these prices seem like nothing compared to his current success, this work helped him refine his skills and helped to develop his unique style for replicating the human figure.

During his time at the University of Mobile, Craig received a minor in theater, which provided him with skills in makeup and set design. His passion for learning eventually earned him an area award for academic excellence. His art was also 1 out of 42 pieces of over 1600 submission to be featured in the Universities most prestigious exhibition “Art with a Southern Drawl”.

Today Craig is widely recognized as an innovator in the visual arts industry. His work can be found in more than 15 galleries throughout the US and more than 40 galleries throughout England and the rest of Europe. His art has become highly prized by many of the worlds most prominent collectors and even has some of his work hanging in the U.S. Capitol building. Craig’s work has not only become well known throughout the world but has also inspired advertisements and media. He has established himself as one of the great expressionists of our time.


Craig finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him. With a deep longing for knowledge, Craig learned a vast array of skills that he attributes to his appreciation of the human form and the beautifully vast world they live in. Having transitioned his style from “slow and studied” to “fast and free of precise thought” his collections range from abstract expressionism to graphics realism. Each painting is an expression of Craig’s own vision of the world. Craigs works have been vastly influenced by the works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Piet Mondrian.

Craig recalls a time when he first had the idea for his signature Populus series. He was standing on a balcony in Orange Beach, Alabama watching the attendants of a wedding that was taking place below. While observing he thought that the attendants formed the shape of an eye where they were standing. He was struck with the idea and began to question “what if” which gave him the idea for the iconic series. Now the series and this idea have been applied to several pop icons including Marilyn Monroe, Gandhi, Van Gough, Queen Elizabeth, and even Darth Vader from the iconic Star Wars Series.

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