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About Bruno Catalano

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A Moroccan sculptor, Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 in a town near Casablanca called Khouribga. His school period was full of difficulties but despite all the hardships, Catalano spent ten beautiful years in a post-colonialist atmosphere alongside his family.

In 1970 Bruno’s family moved to France. Although it was a paradigm shift from everyone in his family, yet they were able to quickly adapt themselves to the new life.

Catalano worked for the maritime company called Paquet for two years between 1980-1982. There he worked as an electrician. After quitting that job, he joined SNCM and served there until 1986.

In the meantime, he also became familiar on the art of working with clay. He studied at Francoise Hamel in Marseille in southern France. Catalano felt particularly inspired by Bruno Lucchesi. He was introduced to his works in one of the books that was about clay techniques. 

Bruno started his first studio in 1985 and started creating clay figurines. His studio remained functional well until 1990. Thereafter, he opened another studio in 2000. He also participated in countless collective exhibitions.
Bruno got requested to produce a special sculpture for Marsielle 5th District in 2001. The request was to create a bust of Yves Montand which was planned to be put in the square as a dedication to Jean Jaures - the comedian and singer. Following that he participated in countless exhibitions such as Bastille Contemporary Art Fair and SIAC Marseille. Local galleries also started expressing their interest in getting Bruno to work for them.  
Some of Bruno’s creative works have been exhibited in Parisian and international galleries such as Medicis and Bartoux.
With all his experience and out-of-the-box creativity, it’s no wonder that Bruno’s works are internationally famed and recognized. His works are admired and showcased worldover including in countries like Spain, China, Belgium, the United States, Switzerland and many more.