Ali Sabet

About the Artist

Ali Sabet: American-Iranian Painter, Illustrator, and Designer

He started painting to release and escape the complexities of life. At first, it was all about emotions such as anxiety and angst. But as the years passed by, he leaned more towards expressing gratitude, love, and the power of feminine energy through his paintings. 

Early Life

Sabet was born in 1976 in Iran, Tehran. When he was ten years old, he moved to the United States with his family. At that time, drawing was a way for him to avoid his new world, which was complicated, overwhelming, and at the same time, incredibly fascinating. To cope with new experiences, he would draw on everything, including old tennis shoes and school books.

Soon after, Sabet’s teachers and parents noticed that he was recreating scenery and images that were unique and way more advanced for his age and life experience. As he grew older, his love for doodling changed into drawing that further transformed into a deep-desire to create love-inspired art.

Education and Career 

In 1998, Ali Sabet graduated from California State University in the field of Advertising and Communications. As soon as he graduated, he entered the exciting world of advertising. He got his first job working as an Art Director with Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), which is one of the best global advertising agency networks. Sabet describes this job as a fantastic experience as he worked with some of the famous brands like Kawasaki and Taco Bell. However, soon boredom invaded his mind, and he started with his own branding agency, known as Sabet brands. He started creating great brands for appreciative clients, and whenever he felt that the pressure was mounting on him, he found tranquility in creating limited edition media prints, creative art projects, and original paintings.

His Inspiration

Sabet loves experimenting with different materials and mediums. Later in his life, he discovered that Japanese Sumi ink and brushes made his work more unique, fluid, expressive, and explosive. It enabled him to master expressive strokes with continuous fluid motions. He became more connected while painting and felt that the brushes are the extensions of his body, allowing the flow of energy to express passion and love.

His Achievements

The work by Ali Sabat, California based artist, has been showcased at various galleries, shows, and museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2016, he was invited to present his work at the Tokyo International Art Show. Apart from that, Ali has collaborated with the amazing writing instrument company, Montblanc. He has displayed his work at their live painting events and private showings. Also, he has worked with companies like SoYoung Bags, Thayers Natural Remedies, and more to showcase his artwork to a whole new audience.

Additionally, Sabet’s work is auctioned every year for amazing causes. Organizations like UNICEF, Hear-Aid Foundation, Corazon de Vida, and Choc Hospital collaborate with Ali to raise funds and awareness for several causes.

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